TeraCube Email Support

1. to sign in, you may enter your username with or without @teracube.net on the end. it doesn't matter. this has been configured for your convenience.

2. the username is not case sensitive. the password is.

3. you may log in remotely with your email client to mail.teracube.net

4. when logging in remotely with your email client to mail.teracube.net, you must enter the full login name as (user)@teracube.net

5. here is a table of the connection configs:

465TLS 1.0yes
995TLS 1.0yes

SMTP is for when you send mail.

POP3 is for when you receive mail.

IMAP is for when you receive mail, but it keeps a copy on the server unless told otherwise. IMAP is useful because you can leave emails on the server and access your IMAP mailbox with the same in/out/draft/sent/etc emails viewed from different computers, webmail, your smartphone, anything. also you can backup and restore an IMAP mailbox.

you can choose between POP3 or IMAP, but you still need SMTP to send your mail.

not all email clients support both POP3 and IMAP. POP3 is older.

7. the difference between SSL/TLS and StarttLS is that SSL/TLS opens a secure connection first, then begins the SMTP transaction. StartTLS opens the SMTP connection first then asks about security. after that they both have the same quality of security.

8. for SSL you usually have a choice between SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, and TLS 1.0. what's the difference? TLS is newer, so TLS 1.0 can be regarded as SSL 3.1. when the choice is SSL/TLS that means it has some features of both.

9. the SMTP connection requires authentication. it takes CRAM-MD5, LOGIN, or PLAIN.

10. if you want a free email account, send an email to FFF@teracube.net telling me who you are and where I would know you from. standard terms apply such as no spamming, porn, abuse, etc.